What You Need To Bring

Important Note: If you plan to use health insurance to pay for your visit, you will need to bring:

Valid ID


List of current medications (prescribed, over-the-counter, and vitamins)

Contact information for current or previous physician

Forms you need completed (Sports and Camp Physicals)

We accept most major insurance plans as well as offers competitive self-pay rates for those wishing to pay without insurance.

Customer Service

There can’t be too much CARE in your healthcare.

Our Family Urgent Care and Clinic takes pride in the customer service each patient receives.  We are dedicated to making the care experience at our facilities the best it can be for patients and their families. We work to provide the highest quality service in the Permian Basin.

What You Need To Know

There is a considerable difference between the cost of an Urgent Care visit and the cost of an Emergency Room visit. If a healthcare condition is life- or limb-threatening, or involves severe wounds or amputations, patients should go to the ER. If the healthcare condition is non-life-threatening, Our Family Urgent Care and Clinic can be a less costly and faster alternative to the ER.

It’s important to fully understand the difference between the types of services provided at the Emergency Room and an Urgent Care facility, if you are ever in doubt Call 911.

Know Where To Go 

Patients Rights & Responsbilities

Accepted Health Insurance


Blue Cross/Blue Shield - BCBS



Galaxy Health

Health Smart





Medicare Railroad




Note that some insurance networks have a specific urgent care co-pay rate. In some cases, an insurance provider may have preferred in-network and out-of-network urgent care co-pays. If Our Family Urgent Care is out-of-network with your insurance provider, your co-pay may be slightly higher than what is listed on your insurance card.

Don’t see your insurance provider listed?

ANY QUESTIONS.....Please call our office at 432-695-6932 to verify if your insurance is accepted. 

Our Family Urgent Care accepts most major health insurances and does its best to validate your coverage and payment amount with your insurance carrier based on your stated reason for visiting. Once you have been seen by a provider, the actual amount due may differ based on the outcome of your visit.

Visiting Without Insurance?

If you need to visit us and your insurance is not one that we currently accept -- our associates can provide you with a detailed receipt that you may be able to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Be sure to check in with your insurance carrier in advance of your visit to confirm.

If you choose to pay without insurance or want to pay cash, payment will be requested at the time of your visit. We offer reasonable self-pay rates that are available for your review upon request.

Who Can I Speak With Regarding My Insurance Coverage or Rates?

Please contact your insurance provider directly, your health insurance provider is the most qualified to speak with you regarding your individual coverage, urgent care co-pay, co-insurance or deductibles pertaining to your urgent care visit. You can find the number on your health insurance card or at your insurance provider website.

It is important to remember that in-network coverage is not a guarantee of payment.

Should any outstanding charges remain after insurance coverage has been applied to services rendered, it is the responsibility of the patient to cover the remaining deductible and any other charges associated with that visit.