Baily - Sick Visit

Cody - Urgent Care Visit

When the flu struck hit me last night I knew I couldn't wait. The walk in wait time was so quick, the staff was incredibly kind and they listened to me and didn't make me feel rushed or like I was just another number. The pricing was so reasonable and soon I will be feeling so much better thanks to their kindness, convenience, and good medical practices.

Amazing place. I hurt my back and couldn't even stand up. Accommodations were made for me including a wheel chair to and from my transportation. They are all kind, caring, and treated me not as a patient but as they would a family member. I hadn't eaten all day due to my injury and they even tried to feed me. The staff is very knowledgeable and made a bad situation better by engaging and keeping my spirits up. Even hours after they closed, they were still able to answer my questions that I had. Enough can't be said about Dorothy and the staff there, but I will start by saying thanks.

Christie - Urgent Care Visit

Cheryl - Urgent Care Visit

Took my son in on a Sunday, got in and out and the staff was amazing! Can't recommend them enough! Thank you for making my son feel at ease and great friendly care!

What a great clinic with outstanding service! Pauline and staff were so helpful and followed up even during the weekend. Thank you! Highly recommended!

Kendall - Urgent Care Visit

Meghann - Urgent Care Visit

Awesome doctors and staff!! Not a long waiting time. And the doctors genuinely care about you and your concerns.

Best providers and staff! Mrs Moore is like family and Dr. Winton I could talk to for hours. So personable and caring. Your not a number there but really apart of their family!

Debra - Primary Care

Bill - Primary Care 

I just love Dr Winton and staff. It doesn't matter how busy they are. They will take me in and been seen by Dr Winton. I'm kind of spoiled. I don't like seeing anyone other Dr there but Dr Winton. Not saying the others Drs are not good. Dr. Winton just know all about me and I don't have to tell my story over and over. He has a very big heart. Love the girls st front Desk.

Dr. Winton has got to be one of the best Dr's I've had in my 61 years of life. Extremely knowledgeable in his practice and outstanding ethics. It's extremely refreshing to have a Dr. that truly cares about his patents and takes the time to know each of them. I recommend him to everyone that asks me about who a good Dr. to go to is in this town.

Seth - Biote

I know there are many “miracle cures” advertised on the market these days.  Most, I feel, prey on people’s desire to roll back the clock to when they enjoyed better health.  Let’s face it, aging isn’t necessarily friendly to many of us.  About 10 months ago I was in the worst shape of my life.  My energy level was at an all-time low, I was sleeping but not resting, my blood pressure was high, my happy cholesterol (HDL) was low and my lousy cholesterol (LDL) was high.  The doctor put me on medicine and I was able to reduce my blood pressure but I was told the only way to get my LDL lower was to spend time exercising.  It is hard to get motivated about exercising when you do not have energy coupled with an 80-hour work week.  Age, lifestyle, work stress, lack of exercise, weight, among other things had teamed up against me and I was feeling and showing the results of their assault.  My wife convinced me to have a full physical complete with blood work.  The results were amazing – bad that is.  Not only did the results confirm what we already knew (see part above about blood pressure and cholesterol) but they also confirmed that I was deficient in certain vitamins and my testosterone was low.  The low- T diagnosis shocked me the most because I felt fine in that department, if you know what I mean.    

After extensive research – and much convincing from my wife – I decided to give testosterone replacement a try.  Another search ensued and we chose bioTE as the hormone to try.  After scheduling an appointment I began to worry, would it really work, would it be painful, was it a waste of money, would people laugh at me for receiving hormone replacement, etc.  Luckily I didn’t talk myself out of it.  The procedure to have the bioTE pellets inserted was painless.

Now for the exciting part.  My cholesterol is in check, without drugs, and in fact the best it has ever been since I have been monitoring it.  My HDL went up 40 points and my LDL dropped by over 20.  Simply amazing.  My blood pressure is back in line with where it was in my early 30’s (I’m now almost 52 yoa) and now when I sleep I rest.  My testosterone jumped from the mid-200’s to almost 1,250!!!  My energy level is at an all-time high and I have lost almost 20lbs in about 7 months.  Thank you bioTE and Our Family Urgent Care and Clinic for helping me gain my quality of life back!!!!