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Our Family Urgent Care & Clinic

is a local, family owned and operated Urgent Care and Clinic. With a state-of-the-art walk-in urgent care facility, proudly serving the Permian Basin here in Midland, Texas. We are capable of providing a variety of healthcare services, ranging from urgent care to physical exams. 

Our Family Urgent Care also has a in-house laboratory services, as well as X-ray capabilities. We are proud to collaborate with local specialists to provide the best healthcare experience. 

Current Promotion

March is Save Your Vision Month

Take time to practice the 20-20-20 Rule


As the warmer months approach and outdoor activities increase, special attention needs to be given to proper hydration and prevention of heat related illnesses. Our bodies cannot store water, therefore we must constantly rehydrate to maintain our body's many functioning systems. 

Did you know: Our bodies are 55-70% water!






*Dry Skin / Mouth

*Less-Frequent Urination

*Increased Heart Rate